Turkey Day S.O.S.! Solutions to Common Thanksgiving Kitchen Mishaps

So you volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner this year, but you didn’t consider one very important detail: cooking the Thanksgiving turkey! If you’ve never prepared such a large bird before, it can be quite stressful to cook both the turkey and all of its corresponding sides. Here are a few smart tips to help prevent (or at least amend) a Turkey Day cooking emergency.

  1. Many turkey mishaps come from frozen meat, so be sure to leave at least one day of thawing for every four pounds of bird. If your turkey still isn’t thawed on the day of Thanksgiving, soak the whole thing in cold water for 30 minutes for every pound.
  2. Be sure to keep in mind that a turkey takes quite a long time to cook, so leave more than enough time before the meal. An 18 to 22-pound turkey takes approximately 3.5 to 4 hours to roast, so plan accordingly.
  3. Keep gravy from clumping by adding the flour very gradually to the base instead of adding it all at once.
  4. If your mashed potatoes are lumpy, it probably means that the potatoes are undercooked. Fix it by simply add some extra milk or water and cooking them a bit longer over low heat.
  5. To fix a burnt pie crust, simply take a fine-holed grater and run it gently across the burnt parts of the crust.

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Disaster? What Disaster? 5 Thanksgiving Day Fixes [Food Network]

Black Friday Deals!

Why bother going outside on Black Friday when you can shop at home in your pajamas on Amazon? The online retail giant announced that it would begin offering its Black Friday deals this Friday, November 20th, with deals continuing throughout Black Friday, which takes place on the 28th.

Beginning on midnight of Thanksgiving, the company will be offering ten of its "Deals of the Day," with up to ten more Deals of the Day coming on Black Friday. As is the Amazon custom, there will be thousands of special "lightning deals" offered, with subscribers of Amazon's $99 per year Prime subscription service getting a 30-minute head start on a majority of the deals.

And don't forget about their mobile App! Amazon will be be making over 150 "hand-picked" Lightning Deals available inside its mobile app for iOS, Android and the company's Fire OS. These deals can be found inside an "App Only Deals" section in the app and will be released daily between 6 p.m. ET to 2 a.m. ET starting on Thanksgiving. Similar to Amazon's extension of Black Friday deals to the week before, these in-app deals will continue to pop up through Wednesday, December 9.

Click here to get started: http://www.amazon.com/Black-Friday/b?node=384082011

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These Simple Thanksgiving Side Dishes Are Light on Prepwork, Big on Flavor

Anyone who has ever hosted Thanksgiving will tell you that the less prep work a dish requires, the better it is for the meal. With time- and labor-intensive dishes like the turkey to worry about, it’s best to keep your sides simple. Here are a few delicious Thanksgiving side dishes that minimize your workload without sacrificing flavor.

Maple-Whipped Sweet Potatoes [delish.com]
Adding maple syrup makes just about any dish taste more extravagant, which is exactly why these sweet potatoes are perfect for your Thanksgiving feast. By using only five common ingredients and a trip through the food processor, you can create this dish without much effort at all.

Green Bean Casserole [marthastewart.com]
This old recipe may be a classic, but it’s still a favorite among many families. The creamy green bean base gets a savory crunch from the fried shallots on top, making this one of the most flavorful dishes on your dinner table.

Butternut Squash Bread Pudding [realsimple.com]
Adding butternut squash to any dish just makes it taste like fall, and this warm bread pudding is a perfect example. It includes fresh sage and Gruyere cheese for added flavor, and using fresh French bread gives it an elegant feel. It’s also a much simpler alternative to the usual stuffing, which makes it even more appealing.

Meatless Monday – Protein Power Breakfast!

Happy November Residents, and welcome to another issue of Meatless Monday!

One of the big concerns that many people have before going vegetarian is that they will not be able to get an ample amount of protein into their diets after they make the switch. As it turns out, several vegetarian dishes actually contain MORE protein than their non-vegetarian counterparts, and the official Meatless Monday website has put together a great list of power breakfasts to get you revved and ready to go in the morning! You can find their full list below, and if you have your own take on any of these delicious vegetarian breakfast offerings, we'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

You can find their catalog of mouth watering recipes HERE.

Remember residents, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not try something different, and do it the Meatless Monday way!

Until Next week!

These Chili Recipes Help Warm Chilly Evenings

All it takes is a homemade dinner of something warm and comforting to get you into that cozy fall feeling. Here are a few chili recipes that you’ll love to make on those chilly autumn evenings.

Pumpkin Chili [oliviascuisine.com]
While you’re likely used to seeing pumpkin in every cookie, coffee, and pie as soon as summer is over, this recipe for pumpkin chili will show you a new and exciting way to use everyone’s favorite fall gourd. It can be made on the stovetop or in the slow-cooker if you’re pressed for time, and it becomes even more festive if you serve it inside of a small, hollowed pumpkin.

Slow-Cooker Chocolate Chili With Three Beans [bhg.com]
If chocolate in chili seems too good to be true (and maybe a little bit strange), you’ll become a believer once you taste this unique recipe. Best of all, you can make it in the slow-cooker, so you’ll come home from a long day at work to a warm, home-cooked meal.

Slow-Cooker Turkey Chili [allrecipes.com]
A healthy turkey chili cuts down on fat and calories compared to the traditional beef version, and this one is also very easy to make. Just toss all of the legumes, veggies, and spices into the slow-cooker and you’ll have a hearty and nutritious meal in just over four hours.

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Delicious Football-Themed Desserts for Game Day

Whether you’re hosting your own football viewing party or attending a game day potluck at a friend’s house, there are a number of football-themed desserts that your fellow fans will love. Here are three great recipes that will sweeten up the big game.

Pumpkin Football Cakes [bhg.com]
The pumpkin flavor makes these whoopie pie-style cakes perfect for the fall season, and their football shape makes them feel truly festive. This simple recipe even shows you how to make your own buttercream frosting for the football’s stitches.

Pull Apart Touchdown Cupcakes [foodnetwork.com]
Create a miniature replica of the football field using delicious cupcakes with this fun and creative DIY recipe. Bright green icing with white details create the field itself, while cookie sticks, gummy candies, and marshmallows add the teams and the finishing touches.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs [domesticfits.com]
While you might think of chocolate covered strawberries as an elegant dessert, this cute and quirky recipe brings them down to earth just in time for the big game. By simply melting white chocolate, you can use it to transform the strawberries into realistic footballs that your guests will adore. Because this recipe doesn’t require any baking, this is one that the kids can even help make!

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Try These Rustic Apple Tart Recipes This Weekend

Instead of making your tried-and-true apple pie recipe for your next fall gathering, you may want to get a bit creative and experiment with an elegant apple tart instead. Although this dessert looks fancy, there are a number of different ways to cater it to all different levels of baking expertise. Here are three tasty tarts to try this weekend.

French Apple Tart [foodnetwork.com]
Nothing compares to the art of French baking, and this gorgeous apple tart is proof of just that. Ina Garten tops her usual light, fluffy pastry crust with a layer of Granny Smith apples and bakes it to perfection to create a simple tart with a truly unique flavor.

Rustic Apple Tart [foodandwine.com]
If you want to create a tasty tart but don’t have much patience when it comes to baking, this is the tart for you. The crust is perfectly flaky and doesn’t require hours of chilling like many pie crusts do, and the layer of apricot preserves creates an unexpected flavor to complement the apples.

Apple Tart with Caramel Sauce [epicurious.com]
Although many tarts are light and simple, this recipe uses warm caramel and a sturdy pie crust to create a more dense, filling dessert. Browning the apples in the oven also gives it a caramelized flavor that is ideal for fall.

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