Shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School

Marysville Pilchuck High School was the site of a tragic school shooting. May our thoughts and prayers be with the staff, students, and families from that community.

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10 Tasty Beverages to Get you Through the Season

1) Classic Hot Toddy
2) Kahlua Hot Chocolate
3) Hot Buttered Hazelnut Whiskey
4) Winter Sangria
5) Mulled Wine
6) Pumpkin Pie White Russian
7) Cranberry Margaritas
8) Spiced Cider Rum
9) Rum Punch
10) Clementine, Whiskey & Wine Cocktail

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Clever Mason Jar Craft Projects

Mason jar crafts are a very popular trend among DIY home decor enthusiasts, but despite their ubiquity, these antique glass jars still feel rustic and special when used in smart ways. Here are three new ways to incorporate mason jars into your decor.

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage []
Instead of simply filling a few mason jars with your small bathroom essentials, this simple DIY project will show you how to mount the jars to the wall to make them feel a bit more sophisticated. Using large pipe clamps, a sturdy piece of wood, and a few picture frame hangers, you can create this storage system in less than an afternoon.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser []
You may have seen mason jar soap dispensers in your favorite boutiques, but this tutorial will show you how to make one right at home. By taking the pump out of an old soap dispenser, your can make use a mason jar to hold your best smelling soap and add a shabby chic look to your bathroom.

Hand Painted Mason Jar Glasses []
Add the look of milk glass to your stash of mason jars with a permanent craft paint. This project is especially great for parties, as it allows you to create a set of glasses that perfectly coordinate with your color scheme.

Best small city in Washington to live?

Money Magazine says Kirkland! Who knew we were all so smart to choose living here? Rock on Tera Residents!

Check out the article from the Puget Sound Business Journal for more details here.

Top 10 Things We Love About October

We couldn’t resist putting out our fall décor in the Leasing Office. Here are our top 10 things that we love most about this time of year:

10. Pumpkin spice lattes and salted caramel mochas
9. Baking
8. The changing colors of the leaves especially when they turn just so that it looks like the sky is on fire.
7. Crisp cold mornings when the frost meets the morning sun and the ground looks like glitter.
6. Coatless, sunny afternoons
5. The sound of crunching leaves under your feet
4. Blankets. Lots of blankets.
3. Candles and home fragrances in scents like “ginger pumpkin” and “cozy kitchen” and “butter rum mocha”.
2. Pumpkin patches, caramel apples, and hot cider
1. Hoodies, coats, layers, scarves, and boots of all kinds!

Do you have a favorite thing about October or Fall? We’d love to know!

Traveling Abroad? Stay Healthy With These Tips!

Your vacation abroad should be one of the most exciting times in your life, but it won’t be much fun if you spend the week sick in your hotel room. Many foreign travelers become sick from the germs in the airport or the strange climate, but it isn’t unavoidable. Here are a few simple ways to stay healthy while traveling abroad.

  1. Pack the right supplies. Things like antibiotics and a basic first aid kit will help in case of minor colds, and you should also be sure to bring along any regular medications that you take on a daily basis. In case you contract a more serious illness, packing your medical documents is also important.
  2. Visit a doctor beforehand. Some foreign countries require immunizations, so be sure to let your doctor know about your travel plans. It’s also important to keep your doctor in the loop in case you need to contact him or her while abroad.
  3. Wash your hands. Just like you do at home, it’s important to wash your hands before eating, after using the restroom, and periodically throughout the day. Avoid touching your face, too.
  4. Be smart. No matter how many precautions you take against illness, your best tool is your own judgment. Don’t eat foods that look like they were prepared in unsanitary conditions, and be sure to never accept medications from anyone but a licensed doctor.

Stay Healthy While Traveling Abroad [FDA]
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Don’t Throw Us Away!

When it comes to tossing things like junk mail or banana peels, there isn’t a lot of mystery involved — those are pretty clear-cut recycle, trash or compost situations. But there are a number of common household items that don’t belong in your trash can. Here are four to watch out for:

Batteries: Since they’re small, it’s easy to just toss your batteries in the trash. Don’t do it! Batteries contain metals such as alkaline, zinc, nickel and cadmium, so they shouldn't’t be thrown in with the rest of your trash or recycling. Instead, bring your batteries to your local Household Hazardous Waste facility and let the professionals handle it. Note: Some retail stores, such as Walmart and Ikea, also participate in battery recycling programs.

Electronics: Have you been eyeing that 60-inch flat screen at Best Buy? We say treat yourself to it! But don’t immediately chuck your old TV into the dumpster. The same goes for other household electronics like DVD players, laptops and printers. These items should be taken to an e-waste center. For more information, visit the EPA website here

CFL Light Bulbs: These energy-efficient bulbs are great for the environment, but they also contain a little bit of mercury, so they’re not safe to throw in the regular trash. Take them down to the Tera leasing office instead.

Paint: Buying the perfect amount of paint for a project isn’t easy, so a half-empty bucket or two is pretty common. Water-based paints aren’t hazardous, so they can go out with your regular trash. However, oil-based paints contain a number of chemicals that have special disposal needs, so be sure to take them to your local HHW facility (or try donating them to a local charity or nonprofit such as Habitat for Humanity).

To find the closest HHW facility, click here

Short on Time? Here’s How to Clean Your Home in 20 Minutes

Whether you have guests coming over or you’re simply exhausted after a long day at work, sometimes a deep apartment cleaning just isn’t in the cards. Don’t fret, because it is entirely possible to clean your living space without spending a lot of time doing it. Here are a few tips to help you clean your apartment in 20 minutes or less.

  1. Remove clutter. The easiest way to create the illusion of a clean apartment is by removing all of the unnecessary clutter. Hang up the clothes that are lying on the floor (or at least toss them in the closet), and gather up all of the food or magazines scattered around the living room.
  2. Empty the sink. A sink full of dishes is a sure sign of an unclean apartment. Even if you don’t have time for much else, wash the dishes!
  3. Take out the trash. Nothing will blow your clean apartment cover faster than a smelly garbage can. Empty the trash in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and the kitchen.
  4. Freshen up. Spray couches and chairs with a neutral scented fabric refresher, and place some candles throughout the most high-traffic rooms. Even if you didn’t clean every nook and cranny, this will make things feel fresh.

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Recycling Tip!

Line your recycling bin with a paper bag or collect recyclables in a cardboard box. You’ll save money on trash bags, and make the recycling process on the back end more efficient. (At a recycling facility, plastic bags can get caught in a costly mess that stalls the entire process).

4 Health Benefits of Napping

Sure, everyone loves napping, but did you know that it might actually improve your health? Your favorite rainy afternoon activity could be just as beneficial for your body as eating your vegetables, and that’s something that we can really get on board with.

  1. It improves your mental state. Although you probably know this based on personal experience, napping has a number of psychological benefits. It improves your mood, decreases anxiety, and makes you feel happier overall.
  2. It improves performance. Studies have shown that napping for just 40 minutes can improve your performance by 34% and your alertness but an impressive 100%. The next time you feel like you simply can’t concentrate, try taking a short nap.
  3. It improves your memory. Naps improve your brain’s performance when it comes to long-term memory and working memory. Your brain transfers recent memories to the neocortex while you sleep, which stores long-term memories and helps you to recall them.
  4. It improves your physical health. While napping is very good for your mind, it’s beneficial for your physical health as well. Sleep deprivation causes added stress from too much of the hormone cortisol, and it leads to abdominal fat, weakened muscles, and a shoddy immune system. Napping encourages the production of growth hormone, the natural antidote to cortisol.

How to Power Nap – And Why You Should [Real Simple]
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